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4 Edge Shape Studies

The 4 Edge Shape Alphabet uses one each horizontal, vertical, diagonal and curved line to create its unique shape. Griffin extended this study from the sketchbook into many 3 dimensional forms as well as a game.

4 Edge Shape Alphabet: The Movie

4 edge alphabet

The 4-Edge Sketch Poster

Print collage from Griffin sketchbooks, whittles, road chards, stick structures, critters, characters built with 4-edge direction shapes.
4 edge shape poster

Griffin's 4 Edge Shape Game

Use two colors, such as gray and green.
Each shape must have 4 basic directional edges: horizontal, diagonal, vertical, curve.
The players take turns building their shapes against each other.
Example: a green shape uses an entire edge of the last gray shape.
Stop when you like the pattern. If you fill a page, scan and reduce, then print and keep adding.

4 Edge Shape Play: The bookmark exercise

Make a bookmark

4 edge shape bookmark
pinchboxesCheck out the 3-Dimensional 4 Edge Shape Studies

Fred H. Griffin

Northwest artist and graphic design instructor, taught at Burnley School of Professional Art & Art Institute of Seattle from 1960 - 2010. His work was shown in many Northwest galleries throughout his career.

“What the mind attends to it considers.
What the mind doesn’t attend to it dismisses.
What the mind attends to continually it believes.
What the mind believes it eventually does.
We act on what we believe.”

~ unknown

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