Object Art

Sketch Plates

A few of over 300 Sketch Plates. Most were originally composed as coffee break exercises, some were experiments and others were the inspiration for a series of plate paintings.

Fred H. Griffin

Northwest artist and graphic design instructor, taught at Burnley School of Professional Art & Art Institute of Seattle from 1960 - 2010. His work was shown in many Northwest galleries throughout his career.

"Lack of a proper drawing tool or medium has never been a problem for Fred. Once he had a painting in the 'Northwest Annual' that was nibbled on by a mouse while in storage. The reason the mouse found it to his or her liking was because Fred had painted with mustard. When we taught together at Burnley, I remember he used to draw with tea during coffee breaks."

~ Diane Solvang-Angell, Designer, former student, and former fellow Burnley faculty member

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