Small Paintings Series

All these paintings or assemblages are five inches or smaller.

Fred H. Griffin

Northwest artist and graphic design instructor, taught at Burnley School of Professional Art & Art Institute of Seattle from 1960 - 2010. His work was shown in many Northwest galleries throughout his career.

Successful living is a journey towards simplicity and a triumph over confusion. Though the search for simplicity is, at any time, a difficult journey through a wilderness, we can learn from guides ancient and modern. When we are truly in this interior simplicity, our whole appearance is franker, more natural. True simplicity makes us conscious of a certain openness, gentleness, innocence. Serenity-searchers learn to live in harmony with nature-seekers. We have to prune and sort our ideas until the lasting ones alone survive. Learn to be suspicious of simple-ism. This search for order out of the complexity of life develops the lore of our being.

~ Fred H. Griffin

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