I am the Fantasy Archeologist. The investigator of the visible. My paintings tie together years of metamorphic work that range from seed pods to whole orchestrated walls each part of a series celebrating Nature’s magical glimpses. The jewel-like hints that mean a vast untapped treasure lies within the earth’s surface. The archeologist begins to brush aside the surface to get to the source. I want to give the viewer the excitement of that moment - to give him the desire to uncover - peel away - to draw him through my paint strokes and surface edges. I want each viewer to feel the fascination when a glowing fossil has been unearthed. I want him to begin to read the romance of the painting.
~ Griffin

Fred H. Griffin

Northwest artist and graphic design instructor, taught at Burnley School of Professional Art & Art Institute of Seattle from 1960 - 2010. His work was shown in many Northwest galleries throughout his career.

"Fred is part geologist, anthropologist, and archaeologist and brings all these influences to his art. I admire his thoroughness and desire to instill in students the knowledge to utilize proper design techniques. They [students] don't always understand his 'technical' language, but eventually they see the light."

~ Jim Richardson, Designer, and fellow Art Institute of Seattle faculty member

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