4 Edge Shape Studies

The 4 edge shape Alphabet uses one each horizontal, vertical, diagonal and curved line to create its unique shape. Griffin extended this study from the sketchbook into many 3 dimensional forms as well as a game.

The 4 Edge Shape Alphabet Movie


4 edge alphabet


The 4-Edge Sketch Poster

Print collage from Griffin sketchbooks, whittles, road chards, stick structures, critters, characters built with 4-edge direction shapes.

4edge poster


Griffin's 4 Edge Shape Game

Griffin's 4 Edge Shape Game:
Use two colors, such as gray and green.
Each shape must have 4 basic directional edges: horizontal, diagonal, vertical, curve.
The players take turns building their shapes against each other.
Example: a green shape uses an entire edge of the last gray shape.
Stop when you like the pattern. If you fill a page, scan and reduce, then print and keep adding.





4 Edge Shape Play: The bookmark exercise



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Griffin explored and re-explored all the directions and dimensions of 4 edge shapes and the alphabet they inspire.


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